Garrett got mugged but he's ok!
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Wow. Episode 22. Second to last. Here we are... and oh boy is it a doozy. Truly no way to describe this one with words. Enjoy and good luck! Visit to get HBO Max today! Go to to try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free! Go to to cut your wireless bill to $15 a month and get free shipping.
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Unreal. Half a Year. 23 Episodes. Thank you. From the bottom of our Sweet Boy hearts, thank you for being our quarantine pals. We love you and enjoy this absolute chaotic banger of a finale. It's um... well you'll see. Enjoy! Go to and use code sweetboys12 for...
Published 05/14/21
We’re back! Welcome to the 21st installment of the Sweet Boys podcast. Today we discuss what $150,000 can buy you, an intense twelve hour journey to the ocean floor and the ever expanding future of the Sweet Boys Universe. We also somehow manage to weave in almost a dozen incredibly specific...
Published 04/28/21
Welcome to episode TWO-ZERO! In today's episode we dive into what it means to be happy (and what it doesn't mean), the idea of getting back out into the world and the joy of late night mozzarella sticks. We also showcase our chart-topping musical abilities with an impromptu vocal jam session. Go...
Published 04/21/21