04 Married At First Sight - Week 04
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Does love conquer all… even distance and nasty friends? Kat and Erin get the inside story on the hubby home visits, and MAFS relationships expert John Aiken breaks down the "L" word...  
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Yes or no to sex with the ex? Can relationships that seem beyond repair be fixed? As the The Last Resort comes to an end, relationship specialist Sandy Rea joins Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing for a very deep conversation about the people we love and what we should expect from them. This will...
Published 06/28/17
21 The Last Resort - Week 06
Published 06/22/17
Is Carl from the Last Resort as bad in real life as he seems on the show? Find out on the latest episode of the Sweet Spot as gossip queens Katherine Feeney and Erin Willing ask the hard questions.
Published 06/15/17