...I’m hoping Beatles Naked will do a podcast on the Beatles musical development: Notable guitar solos, harmony singing, bass playing , style cop-ing, technical development as players, studio tricks , and so on . Sure , this kind of appreciation and analysis has been done by others, but the...Read full review »
BonyBird via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/05/21
These guys are so fantastic thoughtful and enthusiastic. I can’t believe how much time and research has gone into this podcast. Of course they are mostly relying their years of fandom and professional skills. Just wonderful thanks guys. p s SWINGING THROUGH THE SIXTIES Podcast is equally...Read full review »
la cheesery via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 05/13/21
This is an excellent podcast. The hosts are very knowledgeable and express their views articulately. They have a nice rapport and inject humor when appropriate which results in a podcast that is both informative and entertaining. The only reason I gave this four stars instead of five is due to...Read full review »
Maxwell909 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/08/21
Love this podcast! My wife and I been listening to it on our daily winter NE walks. You two just do an amazing job talking about everything Beatles and many great song clips and interviews. Learned so much. I am 63 now but didn’t discover the Beatles until my senior yr of HS in 75. RIP John and...Read full review »
Dad Rad via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/18/21
I learn so much from the hosts’ knowledge of the Beatles.
Everything’s Jake via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/11/21
Just stay focused on the Beatles, keep your politics out, and this is quite possibly the very best podcast out there on the Beatles. Truly outstanding.
RocketMan* via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/11/21
Great episode that I ended up listening to twice , I enjoyed it so much I’ve just bought the book , so the advertising side of it did its job on me... I just hope I haven’t just heard the meat of the books tales on this podcast and there’s then nothing new to learn when it gets read... 5 star...Read full review »
ZeppoRamone via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/04/21
In-depth, engaging, wide-ranging, banterous, well-produced and with great respect for accuracy, this is my favourite of all the Beatles pods I've heard. They seem to have a giant archive of sound clips (Beatles and Beatle-related) to illustrate what they're on about. I'd listen to the...Read full review »
oliverbayleyuk via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 12/28/20
This is one of the few Beatles podcasts that actually plays the music the guys are talking about. I loved the Twickenham episode. I don’t need to dig up all of my bootlegs. They have it covered.
Unlposaune via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/24/20
These guys tell it like it is. Good or bad. There are no ‘Beatles Colored Glasses’ here. This is what separates them from the usual ‘fanboy’ Beatles podcast. Informative and entertaining.
Wink55 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/08/20
Fantastic. One of the most interesting podcasts on any subject. In this case, fortunately, it's The Beatles. Edit: After listening to this more and more, I'd say it's the best podcast on the Beatles.)Read full review »
Michigan Reviewer 2. via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/01/20
I’m already a regular listener but just had to comment on this one. With such well trodden paths it’s hard to look at much of the Beatles story with a fresh eye - but this one did it in spades. The fascinating centre section interview with the vocal coaches was a real eye opener, and the edit of...Read full review »
Urbanfox93 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 11/26/20
This series pulls you right in to their music and personalities. There is a lot of speculation about the what went through the guys’ heads at the time, but the hosts may very well understand those thoughts better than the Beatles even did. I’m betting the hosts “remember” Beatles history...Read full review »
susanvcbrown via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 10/31/20
This podcast is great. It is so good to hear from experts that have spent their lives dedicated to a topic and in this case an amazing band. There are well thought out ideas and the content isn’t what you find in a normal Beatles podcast! I wish there were more episodes!
Matt Courtney via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/10/20
I cycled through a few Beatles related podcasts and was about to quit until I landed on this one. I thought I was a major Beatles geek but I’ve learned loads and I love the format of the show. I’ve sent links to loads of friends telling them to listen too.
Fraser_shakes via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/24/20
I’ve listened to practically every Beatles podcast out there and without doubt this is Number 1
Dilwich H via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 08/18/20
I have only just discovered your awesome podcast and will now binge listen. Love it! Thank you!
Cando5 via Apple Podcasts · Australia · 08/09/20
Enjoyed the Beatle soundalike and/or inspired by episode however I think you missed a few significant ones. They are: Stackridge- The Man in the Bowler Hat or as it was titled in the States, Pinafore Days. Though not outright imitating them, the writing, singing and production could have been...Read full review »
LKarp via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/25/20
First class - knowledgeable and illuminating.
SATowey via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 05/30/20
After listening to many,many episodes of this podcast, I just can't take any more of the peurile attitude of "Lennon was God, McCartney was rubbish". I finally turned off the last episode I listened to. It took just 5 minutes for the McCartney slagging rhetoric to take hold....Read full review »
Granger Morton III via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 05/29/20
Usually love this podcast However... How many times does Noah Berlatsky Say like? Like... it doesn’t sound like he’s educating his son and sees music as more of a fad. Like...
BabyTwin via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 04/20/20
Though listeners were sad to see Buskin’s departure from the “Something About the Beatles” podcast, he returned in full-force with Eric Taros to create an excellent project of their own. Buskin and Taros continue their in-depth, story-telling format with a wide range of topics. I appreciate how...Read full review »
Substitute 101 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 03/17/20
Just finished listening to the George Harrison final years episode. Wonderful listen, really enjoyed the track by track discussion of Brainwashed. Subscribed to now enjoy more episodes. Thanks guys
GP-79 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 01/26/20
If you are someone (like me) who knows more about The Beatles' lives than you remember about your own, and you talk about Beatle history and anecdotes as if you were there, chances are good to excellent you will (like me) enjoy this podcast. Thoughtful, indepth, funny, and entertaining!Read full review »
TSLemire via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 01/06/20
Superbly insightful podcast, the presenters know their stuff and the production is incredible, many new Beatles recording even for an old anorak like myself!
GavsterHZ via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 12/19/19
This current incarnation of the podcast is terrific, these guys are the most knowledgeable and articulate in the business. They select interesting topics and speak from a factual basis rather than speculation which is always a challenge for podcasters. The one minor negative is that they all fall...Read full review »
finfan64 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/08/19
What a thorough, balanced, and well considered treatment given to every podcast subject. Richard and Eric’s friendly rapport is so inviting. I look forward to each episode, and listen straight through at the first opportunity. Keep up the good work!
Easton PA listener via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/22/19
Sorry to say this but I thought your episode on Lennon’s emotional reaction to the death of Stuart Sutcliffe was embarrassing. Lots of ill-founded speculation on his emotional and mental state was, I thought, shallow and frankly dull and the comparison to the Lost Weekend was based on a poorly...Read full review »
Spursfred via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 10/21/19
I have to say, every episode seems to get even better than the previous one. This latest one, on an era of McCartney’s career that’s always held fascination for me, was yet another brilliant edition. The way the music is interspersed with the chat made me feel like I was listening to a 2-hour...Read full review »
Hero No. 6631 via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 10/17/19
What’s not to love here? Two great hosts Erik and Richard have a great rapport, are fun, unpretentious, and full of passion for the Fab Four.
whitem8 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/27/19
Overall really well produced, researched, good discussions on varying Beatles topics. Fun hearing the many outtakes and interviews. Where "Something About the Beatles" had a Siskel and Ebert back and forth critical argumenst, this podcast has 4 different hosts. There seems to be a good...Read full review »
jon111111111111111111 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/21/19
I believe you would serve your audience better if you would offer historical context that helps explain why some things about the Beatles are the way they are. Geoff Emerick, for example, included in his memoir a fairly detailed description of a nine or ten hour recording session in which the...Read full review »
TWK71653 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 09/07/19
Overall a very good podcast. Very informative and enteraining. The only one that missed the mark was the Monkees episode in my opinion.
dpt1213 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/25/19
Lo que más me gusta del,podcast, es que los participantes son expertos conocedores del tema. Continúen con su trabajo.
arcoscons via Apple Podcasts · Mexico · 08/06/19
As a lifelong Beatles fan I’ve listened to just about everything I could ever find via radio specials and now podcast concerning the Beatles. I’d have to say the ‘Swinging through the Sixties’ podcast is one of the most interesting and entertaining programs I’ve ever heard. The shows are...Read full review »
Joe SRQ via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/07/19
One of the best podcasts on the Beatles, offering great insight into the group and beyond that into the great music of the sixties. The hosts (Richard Buskin and Erik Taros) and their guests are engaging and their conversation offers new takes on some great music.
Robert_DC via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/19/18
By far the best Beatles themed podcast, Richard Buskin has taken things up a whole new level here. It’s fresh, energetic and lively as well deeply well informed, with a fascinating mix of opinions. Excellently produced, clear as a bell (no Skyped contributions) and with a treasure trove of song...Read full review »
Brilliant Mistake via Apple Podcasts · Great Britain · 09/22/18
Informative, entertaining, creative and humorous. The stories and the music bring back memories of a groovy and controversial era.
Melodye B via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 08/31/18
These guys are great.The show is very interesting, informative and fun. It is five stars all the way. I guess I should say it’s groovy. They discuss politics, culture, and music . I have enjoyed every episode.
trent 1960 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/29/18
Great podcast about a wide range of 60s pop culture and history. Episodes about specific Beatles albums, lesser known events, a week-in-the-life from 1968 is one episode. Each episode has a lot of music or authentic sound bites peppered in. Love it, can’t wait for each new episode.
PrinceHarming via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/10/18
Astute, thoroughly entertaining, and informative. Thank you for this terrific podcast. 👍👍
Rebop3 via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 04/06/18
These fellows are super knowledgeable and cool conversationalists. I’ve been a Beatles guy from day one and thought I knew it all. Wow was I wrong. Keep it up gents!
Ed Kax via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 04/05/18
I really enjoy the show, but I especially loved the Rubber Soul/Revolver show. Such a great period for the band and so much to discuss. Thank you!
ChristopherK78 via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 03/14/18
Fantastic podcast ... whether you grew up in the 60’s or not it’s well worth a listen. If you grew up in the 60’s it brings back memories of the time, especially for me who grew in Liverpool during that time. For those who did not grow up in the 60’s the show gives a great insight to what it was...Read full review »
Zcouzer via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 12/30/17
Richard was the best part of the Something with the Beatles podcast, so I was delighted to see him come out with this new show.
Cleamon via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 12/20/17
Loved Richard on Something About the Beatles- though he often couldn't get 10 words in edgewise, and the show is suffering greatly without him. Very glad to listen to hem here. Great podcast premise! There will be much to talk about!Read full review »
whittyj via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/22/17
Loved the new show and expanded focus. Please no Bart Simpson meets the Beatles episodes
History John via Apple Podcasts · Canada · 11/16/17
It's got humor and insight and great music. Hands down the best podcast about this decade.Read full review »
S Kayser via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 11/07/17
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