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Every week the Switched On Pop team gets together and everybody shares one song they’re loving right now. It is one of our favorite conversations each week because we hear music that is new and old, on and off the charts. We’re sharing that conversation with you as a new format we’re calling Switches Brew alongside friend of the show Brittany Luse, host of NPR's It's Been A Minute Listen to Brittany Luse on NPR’s It’s Been A Minute: Web, Apple, Spotify Songs Discussed Little Freddie King - Messin' Around tha House De La Soul - Tread Water Nick Hakim - Qadir Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (Marcus Intalex Remix) on Bandcamp Madison Cunningham - Hospital (One Man Down) (feat. Remi Wolf) Remi Wolf - Down the Line Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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Published 03/28/23
If you’ve ever learned classical piano, you probably tried to play one of Bach’s Inventions. The composer wrote fifteen pieces containing the most important fifteen keys in order to teach his son the fundamentals of piano and composition. Today, they remain some of the most popular pieces of...
Published 03/28/23
Everyone will describe the music of 100 gecs differently. To some, Dylan Brady and Laura Les make deeply satisfying earworms, tracks able to scratch the itches that occupy the deepest memory-holed corners of the brain. To others, though, their music is an "anarchic assault on the ears,” a quilt...
Published 03/21/23