Ep. 097 - Gas. Is. Expensive.
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Join Drew, Randy, and Nic as they discuss Tesla plans, Gas prices, and the future of FSD! Subscribe to the Tailosive EV Podcast YouTube Channel to watch these episodes! https://youtu.be/Hn63BfydiPA If you are looking for all the Apple talk, tap this link to be taken to the Tailosive Tech Podcast channel! https://youtu.be/tN9IHtIQILs Drew: https://twitter.com/TailosiveEV Nic: https://twitter.com/NicAnsuini Randy: https://twitter.com/RandyVazquez Published: 03-12-2022, Recorded: 03-11-2022 © Tailosive Podcasts 2022 | All Rights Reserved
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Published 06/18/22
Published 06/18/22