Ep. 121 - Nic's EV Journey... to the DARK SIDE
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Join Drew, Nic, and Randy as they discuss what went down with Nic's Model Y Order, his driver assist experience in a Toyota and where gas cars still make sense! Drew: https://twitter.com/TailosiveTech Nic: https://twitter.com/NicAnsuini Randy: https://twitter.com/RandyVazquez Published: 9-17-2022, Recorded: 9-17-2022 © Tailosive Podcasts 2022 | All Rights Reserved
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Join Drew, Randy, and Mike as they talk about the North American Charging Standard (NACS or "nacks"), Aptera, and someone has ordered a new EV. Join us on this final installment for this season as we wrap up the year with our favorite EVs and favorite upcoming products. See y'all next year!...
Published 11/20/22
Join Drew, Randy, and Mike as they discuss which Aptera models they would get, Rivian's delay of the R2 platform, and the safety features of the new Volvo EX90! 0:00 Aptera Tiers 16:00 Rivian Business 28:00 Lucid Losing 44:00 Canoo Barely Alive 55:00 Volvo Safety is...
Published 11/12/22
Published 11/12/22