What Is “Midwitchery?”
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This is a 2 for 1 episode as I explain what midwitchery means to me, and also what “metaphysical midwifery” is and how I see it. Each midwife is responsible for creating her own offerings as she sees fit, and these are the structures and beliefs mine are based on. “Metaphysical” means beyond the physical, and I encourage every student midwife/midwife and also all the pregnant mamas to figure out where they’d like to be on this spectrum. It’s time to redream midwifery!!
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Yes, our massive, beautiful vision is re-named, with a more solid Vision and mission! I am so excited to share with you why we made these changes, as well as the words themselves which are very powerful. Visit the Indie Birth Sanctuary here.
Published 06/19/22
Published 06/19/22