The Bar is So Low for Pregnant Women
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After a brief update, I rant for a bit about the low standard that our world, and most women, seem to have for their pregnancy and birth experience. Whether it’s hospital based, home based or a dogmatic freebirth, it seems to me that women need to want more for themselves first. Otherwise, we just take whatever else someone tells us we should do and it isn’t questioned because we become desperate to have approval from one extreme or another. Birth isn’t about being in a club or needing a certain story; but listening deeply and knowing how powerful we are. Download the Podcast Transcript
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After a lengthy update on our Indie Birth Institute, I get to have a fun chat with myself about twins! I am fascinated by 2 babies growing in one human at once; and I share my own experiences, stories and even some myths around why I think twin mamas are treated so differently. Is there a big...
Published 05/19/22
I’m all about women birthing in their power, so who’s telling who what they need or don’t need? In this podcast, I give a brief update on the ever-manifesting birth place/center that we’re working on (we’re calling it the Indie Birth Midwifery Institute) and then I launch into embellishing a...
Published 05/09/22
Published 05/09/22