When I Cancelled NARM (and the CPM Credential)
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It’s a big one! But first…I almost can’t believe I wanted to talk about the recent “reproductive rights” news, but yet I could not hold back and needed to speak my truth. So, listen at your own risk! Then, it’s on to more controversial stuff as I share how and why I am giving back the CPM credential. It is time for me to move forward in all of my integrity, and I realized humbly that this piece does not fit me any longer.
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We typically know what kind of interruptions there are to the hormonal or physical process of birth; but when we consider birth to be a ceremony, what are some things that can interfere?
Published 08/07/22
Published 08/07/22
This was such a fun chat! We started off with more of an interview of Blyss and then quickly found our kindred spirit midwife selves and had loads to talk about; from licensing to fear and even death. Listen in as this wise woman shares more about herself, her journey and her new projects. Lear...
Published 07/31/22