Creating the New Midwifery with Blyss Young
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This was such a fun chat! We started off with more of an interview of Blyss and then quickly found our kindred spirit midwife selves and had loads to talk about; from licensing to fear and even death. Listen in as this wise woman shares more about herself, her journey and her new projects. Lear more about her at
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I LOVED having this chat with Lindsey, a revolutionary, kick-ass woman who found her truth and life mission through learning and teaching about the nervous system. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but we talked about the role of the nervous system in hormone production, birth and in...
Published 09/03/22
Published 09/03/22
I am so honored to talk with Sacha; a magical woman and the very first family I served as a midwife here in Kentucky. I love how “difficult” birth stories can be transformed into wisdom for everyone, and Aurora’s earthside entrance is no exception! Listen to this story of connection, separation...
Published 08/28/22