Midwifery Is Broken
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In this podcast, I reflect on the old and new ways that midwifery is broken. With our new Elevate program, we seek to create a new consciousness. Check it out, registration closes this week! https://indiebirth.org/elevate
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Published 05/21/23
In this podcast, I wanted to riff on a recent post/blog I made about birth not being something you order up like cabinets. I go into a LOT more detail and expand on this idea with what I feel we CAN and CANNOT influence. Ultimately, we don’t get to choose life or death for another soul and I...
Published 05/21/23
I have breastfed 10 babies and (still going) have learned a lot about nursing beyond the baby and infant time. Tune in to learn about Magical Mama membership and my experience around nursing older babies and kids. https://www.magicalmama.org
Published 04/10/23