Taking Back Birth
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In this podcast, I wanted to riff on a recent post/blog I made about birth not being something you order up like cabinets. I go into a LOT more detail and expand on this idea with what I feel we CAN and CANNOT influence. Ultimately, we don’t get to choose life or death for another soul and I...
Published 05/21/23
I have breastfed 10 babies and (still going) have learned a lot about nursing beyond the baby and infant time. Tune in to learn about Magical Mama membership and my experience around nursing older babies and kids. https://www.magicalmama.org
Published 04/10/23
Take these 10 minutes or so to connect with the baby that is growing in your womb, at whatever stage of pregnancy you are in. Connecting with your baby is one of the most sound ways to open that conversation and receive whatever insight is there to be received.
Published 04/02/23