Taking Back (Kentucky) Birth
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Yeah, taking back birth is still the theme! On this one, I share some ethereal stuff as an intro and then get into some nuts and bolts about Kentucky midwifery licensing as I understand it. Ultimately, it’s not a topic that I want to blab on and on about but basic awareness allows me to understand better where the birthing women here are at. Finally, I share our birth retreat center vision with you all….again!
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It’s a big one! But first…I almost can’t believe I wanted to talk about the recent “reproductive rights” news, but yet I could not hold back and needed to speak my truth. So, listen at your own risk! Then, it’s on to more controversial stuff as I share how and why I am giving back the CPM...
Published 06/27/22
Published 06/27/22
Yes, our massive, beautiful vision is re-named, with a more solid Vision and mission! I am so excited to share with you why we made these changes, as well as the words themselves which are very powerful. Visit the Indie Birth Sanctuary here.
Published 06/19/22