Whether “death” is emotional or spiritual or even feels physical, what is the role of the death process when we are in the birth process? Thanks to a listener’s email, I offer you some thoughts around this topic at the darkest time of year. Download This Podcast Transcript
Published 10/31/21
The tide has turned! I have been challenged with my own physical process lately (and really since Rumi’s birth!) and I’m beginning to see how this relates to my role as a midwife. Gosh, life is funny! Just when you think you have something figured out, the Universe shows up point you in a different direction. In this podcast, I explore this issue of “vision” and how midwifing lately is so firmly rooted in the physical body. I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Published 10/24/21
Yeah, taking back birth is still the theme! On this one, I share some ethereal stuff as an intro and then get into some nuts and bolts about Kentucky midwifery licensing as I understand it. Ultimately, it’s not a topic that I want to blab on and on about but basic awareness allows me to understand better where the birthing women here are at. Finally, I share our birth retreat center vision with you all….again!
Published 10/17/21
And what I love about them, too! This was a list I started in my journal after some intense birth attending experiences. My list reflects the crazy nature of being an on call midwife, and is directly related to my own processing and emotional health. I will never “hate” birth, but there are some real things that I don’t love about attending them! And there are still so many parts that I truly do love.
Published 10/12/21
Ok folks, some lessons coming in as I get back to birth attending! Listen in to 5 things I’ve learned or discovered lately.
Published 09/10/21
We’ve been talking a LOT about gift economy here; whether it’s to change the world or just help women have better births, the learning is endless! I am so grateful for the time I’ve had to gather more information (both inside and out!) and am excited to offer this new version of midwifery care here in Kentucky. I am sure I will continue to learn so much, so this is probably the first of several podcast installments on this topic of giving and receiving.
Published 08/16/21
After years of emails and messages and literally hundreds of questions, I’m taking a few minutes here to review SOME of the reasons why you might want to hire an autonomous midwife! There are so many myths out there, and also lots of trauma around birth. I think both of those reasons make women feel like “doing it alone” is the best option for them…even when it may not be! Listen in on what I think about it all based on the years I have been listening to this conversation.
Published 08/02/21
Margo joins me for the first in this new series about midwifery apprenticeship. As she says in our chat, it seems that the apprenticeship conversation has occasionally thrown the “baby out with the bathwater” (no pun intended!) around IF there is a structured path(And what it is), or not. I do feel like I have some responsibility to clear this up, since I may have muddied the waters over the years, talking about how intuition and a community “appointing” someone a midwife may (very rarely)...
Published 07/18/21
I left off with a podcast about leaving Sedona and the land there; so what more natural place to begin again than with a “hello” from Kentucky! I want to share with you the magic of the last 4 months in summary, with having landed at our new house and property. I want to share with you the magic of the land here, and the fun ways that we are connecting with her already. Listen in on how our road trip went, and what life is looking and feeling like right now in this new place. I am so...
Published 07/11/21
A super short and last minute (and last!) podcast from Sedona. I wanted to say my goodbye and express my gratitude to this sacred land, to the mountain that has guided and guarded us. I also wanted to take one last visit to Rumi’s Cave, the special spot where I’d go in my pregnancy with him that helped shape my entire experience. Moving can be so transformative, and I give credit and thanks to this place that has mothered me for so long.
Published 07/05/21
One of my besties and former client Christina is back! She’s chatted with me twice on other podcasts (2 of her birth stories) but this time we talk about the ritual of placenta burial. We had the gift of doing this together recently, and like many things, it felt way deeper than we imagined it would be! Listen in for what our experience was like, and why giving our blood/placentas back to the Earth may be an awesome thing to consider.
Published 06/20/21
I’ve asked myself the community midwife question before but as I ponder what community actually is to me, or what I would want it to be, I feel like maybe the issue lies in the community. Midwifery is mostly fine! Women know how to take care of women, but it feels like we don’t generally know how to take care of our families, and larger groups of people that can support each other. In going to a new place soon, I wonder whether the community will be strong and whether the community...
Published 06/12/21
I talk with my amazing kindred sister friend Devon Battaglia on this episode! You’ll hear how we met and connected, but one of the topics that she’s written about captured my attention. Whether it’s birth or mothering or just being a woman, most of us can identify with “not being enough”. Listen to this juicy talk around the “mother wound” and feminine shame and more. I know you will hear JUST what you needed to hear with the wisdom and stories that Devon shares. Also, Devon will be...
Published 05/23/21
Ah, packing up a house! I stumbled upon notebooks and journals, all from past (in person) midwifery events of the last 15 years. It was so fun reading through conference sessions I had attended, and I wanted to share some of the brilliant teaching highlights with you from masters like Michel Odent, Marsden Wagner, Gail Hart, Lisa Barrett and more (and extra motivation if you don’t even know who some of those folks are!). I was reminded myself of some golden nuggets of midwifery teachings...
Published 05/16/21
How do these two topics go together? They do! I want to share my perspective on MY reality of this virus thing and how ultimately, we need to choose each step of the way how we want to respond. Best way to do that? Get in touch with your own innate power and let your soul light the way. Sound too idealistic? Take a listen and let me know if you resonate with this. (And if you enroll in my new Witchery 101 class, let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to learn!). I can’t...
Published 05/09/21
After a moving update and a post-vacation summary, I’m back! I’m calling this “part 1” because I know there will be more ideas and a creative plan that come to be eventually as we settle down in our lives and I get back to birth work. As I share, this is the “burn it down” phase! I know what I want to change and what has not been working for me, so I ask you to reconsider too what your heart is telling you and what “midwifery” might mean to you. I have some ideas, and look forward to...
Published 05/02/21
This may be an intense one, but is highly personal as our kids experienced the death of one of our beloved dogs recently. This is another ramble, but one about the belief systems that we have taught our kids regarding death, and also a sharing into what this has looked and felt like for different family members.
Published 04/16/21
This podcast was not what I was planning on, but it’s what happened when I started talking about asking for guidance from my (deceased) grandma and grandpa. It’s not entirely unrelated to the spirit world that we talk about when talking about spirit babies, so I thought I’d share it with you as a “creating ceremony 101” podcast. I’d love to hear your experiences, questions and comments about connecting with other beings, relatives and realities as we navigate the “real world” (or is it?!).
Published 04/05/21
Wow, I’m feisty in this one! After a moving update and a nice card pull to share with you, I’m off…have you ever thought about the distinct differences between how midwifery and obstetrics are viewed in the world, and how most midwives have agreed to very little autonomy? This is NOT a new topic for me, but I felt a renewed interest in riling all of you wanna be midwives out there into choosing authentic truth over compliance. What kind of world do we live in when licensed midwives are...
Published 03/28/21
On this podcast, I share my outlook on the energy of moving and what’s going on in my life and why it’s all good and magic! And also, a few brief book recommendations of things I pulled off my shelf that I have really liked reading over the years. Books mentioned: Surrender Experiment; Michael Singer When Things Fall Apart and The Places That Scare You; Pema Chodron Home/Birth-A Poemic; Arielle Greenberg and Rachel Zucker Birth Models That Work and Birth as an American Rite of Passage;...
Published 03/21/21
It’s here! The episode on how sleep looks in our house; from newborns to teenagers, to what I have learned over the years about all of it; plus some pro tips I hope are helpful!
Published 03/15/21
I’ve been meaning to record this for a while but the timing is perfect because our own lives always get reflected in our midwifery work. In this podcast, I share my journey of spirituality from mindfulness to learning under a local shaman. I’m realizing more with each client and each experience that engaging in the emotional and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, birth and mothering is where my heart is. The Universe has been directing me more to these experiences, and leading me away from...
Published 03/07/21
This monthly Q and A podcast wound up holding this theme of how we are in our power, and where we still need or want to claim it. But detail-wise, this podcast includes responses to questions about Pitocin, the newborn screen, intuition, marketing my midwifery business, the most impactful birth I’ve witnessed and many, many more. Hopefully you enjoy this and aren’t bothered by the extreme lack of focus on one topic. I’d always love to hear your feedback so email me!
Published 03/01/21
Listen in as I share how, when and where I moved from practicing as a licensed midwife to autonomous midwifery, practicing under a PMA (aka PCA) structure in a state that requires mandatory licensing. This is NOT a “how to” set up a PMA or why I think you need to, but a chronological explanation of my own journey and how I came to this place for myself. I really urge you to listen if you are at ALL curious, about any of it, including midwifery regulation. I’d also REALLY urge you to listen...
Published 02/19/21
How to sum up almost 20 years of breast-feeding my own 10 children? In a podcast of course! Impossible to completely cover this topic but in this one I talk about a few of my breastfeeding journeys, as well as nursing through pregnancy, tandem nursing, the tongue tie issue, how I’ve dealt with breast infections (mastitis) and more! I feel so grateful to be able to share this experience with you, and hope it is even a tiny bit helpful or comforting on your own breastfeeding journey.
Published 02/14/21