In this episode, we share the mysterious death of 9 hikers and the tragic passing of Peg Entwistle along with ghostly encounters near the Hollywood Sign in California. Send us your stories to be featured in a Morbid Mini episode! Send it to taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com Sign petitions, donate, share https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 or visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Things get better. Your life matters.
Published 06/22/20
In today's episode, we share the stories of two teens Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate who commit murders in two different states and the tragic death of 2-year-old James Bulger. We also mentioned a new podcast by the talented lady that created our podcast art and it’s called The New Witches check them out anywhere you can listen to podcasts. And last shared a clip of Kayle's boyfriend Chase and his friend Ryan's new band Daysgoneby. You can listen to their music on Spotify, Google Play,...
Published 05/18/20
In this episode, we share YOUR stories! Get spooked with these two listeners' creepy encounters. Got a story? Share it with us! Email it to taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 05/04/20
In this episode, we talk about the topic that scares us the most.... demonic possession! Specifically of the boy from the exorcist. Kayle shares the story behind the film and Kayla shares what makes up the so-called "curse" of the film! Got a spooky ghost encounter? Share it with us and be featured in a Morbid Mini episode! Email your stories to taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 04/20/20
Published 04/20/20
In this episode Kayla shares hauntings and evp clips from the De Soto Hotel in El Paso, TX and Kayle shares the story on Susan Powell and her disappearance. So sorry for the sound quality of this episode. Email us your stories so we can share it in a Morbid Mini episode! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com EVP & IG video source: https://kisselpaso.com/haunted-el-paso-the-de-soto-hotel-where-spirits-coexist-with-residents/ & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RO4ZX0WDIU&feature=emb_title...
Published 03/30/20
In this episode Kayle shares the story of Cindy James and her mysterious death and Kayla talks about the hauntings and deaths of the people who lived in the Jean Harlow house in Los Angeles, California. Midsommar wall hangings by Kayla; Instagram: @bykaylakristine Audio clip is from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IfFAvThucM Send us your spooky stories! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 03/16/20
SORRY for the late episode!! Health issues and THEN technical difficulties. yikes!! In this episode, Kayla shares the Richardson Family murder from Canada and Kayle talks all about the Jersey Devil. Enjoy! Email us your stories: taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com Check out Kayla's small business: bykaylakristine.etsy.com or @bykaylakristine on Instagram! Check out Kayle's art account: @wearyxbones on Instagram! Blades For Babes: https://bladesforbabes.com/
Published 03/04/20
Email us your spooky ghost encounters! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 02/23/20
In this episode, you'll hear about the very talented girl who created our new logo photo and you can see more of her work on her instagram which is @greydaysgirl We also share a snippet of a song by another talented friend. You can find his music on soundcloud or spotify under Dirty Mike. We share stories of Andre Rand who was said to be the real boogeyman of Staten Island and also a mass possession case in France from the 1600s. Email us your stories! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 02/10/20
WE ARE BACK! In this episode, we introduce our new co-host, Kayle Peterson. Makaela is no longer with TOTDG but go check out her small business she's been working on!  We share the crazy stories associated with the  "Poltergeist Curse" and -TW- Kayle shares a hometown murder/suicide.  Don't forget to send us your stories to taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 01/27/20
Welcome to our GUEST Episode! In this episode, Kayla interviews a friend who shares her experience living in a house that was haunted.  Think of this as a live Morbid Mini episode rather than just reading your emailed stories! Have a story to share? EMAIL US! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com  If you'd like to be interviewed also shoot us an email!
Published 09/25/19
This is an episode where we share YOUR stories!  Email us your spooky encounters at: taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com  *there's a part where we were going to cut out but decided not to :) enjoy!
Published 09/08/19
What do you consider an ice box? A fridge or a freezer? What would you do if you stayed in a haunted hotel room? In this episode we share the story of the Ice Box Murders and the hauntings in The Brightside Hotel in New York.
Published 08/25/19
Our Morbid Mini's are about you guys! Got a ghost story? Share it with us! Email it to  taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 08/04/19
Have you been to Riverdale Road in Colorado? It's said to be the most haunted place in the state! Hear the spooky legends and ghostly encounters we talk about in this episode.  TW: Child abuse In the second half of this episode, Makaela shares the brutal torture and murder of a teenage girl named Sylvia Likens. May that beautiful child be resting in peace and love. 
Published 07/28/19
It's been a minute since we've done a mini. Share your story with us and be featured in our next Morbid Mini episode! Email us at taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com 
Published 07/21/19
In this episode we share the history of Vodou and also a really messed up story of a mother and daughter in New York.  Have a spooky ghost experience? Anything you want to share with us? Email us!  taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 07/14/19
Have you seen the Amittyville Horror? Have you heard the stories about the DeFeo family? If so, you'll love this episode! Kayla shares the story of the DeFeos and Makaela covers a female serial killer known as La Pistolera.  Got a spooky true story you want to share? Email us! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 06/30/19
What's up spooky babes. In this episode we share two stories of two young girls who are brutally murdered by teenagers. We've also added two clips from the first case; a 911 call and an apology from the killer. TW! In Kayla’s story she talks about suicide and self-harm. Email us your stories taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 06/16/19
Hey!! Here's out minisode we mention two listener stories and a story from reddit. Had to cut this one short due to some audio difficulties (as you can tell). Sorry! Email us your story! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 06/10/19
Welcome to episode 8! Here we talk about the spooky legend of the Melon Heads and also this creepy Russian dude who dug up bodies from the grave and turned them into dolls. The short film Kayla mentions at the end is called "Horror Short Film "The Dollmaker" | Presented by ALTER" on Youtube! SEND US YOUR STORIES! taleoftwodeadgirls@gmail.com
Published 06/03/19
Welcome to our morbid mini episode where we share YOUR stories. Today we share one story from a listener and the recent murder case of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez.
Published 05/19/19
Welcome to our first themed full length episode! Here we talk about serial killers with our zodiac sign. Libra & Virgo! Listen to hear about Gerald & Charlene Gallego in the Sex Slave Murders case and Maria Swanenburg an arsenic poisoner.
Published 05/12/19
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Published 05/05/19