The Ocho’s Biggest Matches – Live In London
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The Jericho Chronicles hit London in July, and featured stories about some of the biggest matches and feuds of Jericho’s career. Hear details behind his first-ever match which was at the Moose Hall in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada, his time with CMLL in Mexico, and how he made his way to Japan. He details a couple of the best matches he had with Ultimo Dragon while in Japan, and how a young Mick Foley happened to be in the audience and went back to the States to tell Paul Heyman about what he’d seen. Chris describes the year-long effort it took to get to ECW and Heyman, how that segued into WCW. He breaks down the mask vs title match he had against Juventud Guerrera. He runs down all the circumstances leading up to a trifecta of different matches with Triple H once he got to WWE – including Last Man Standing, and Hell In A Cell Judgement Day. He remembers his favorite Shawn Michaels feud, working with Rey Mysterio in 2009, and Kevin Owens and the Festival of Friendship. He talks about Kenny Omega at the Tokyo Dome, the Mimosa Mayhem on AEW Dynamite during the pandemic, Stadium Stampede, and taking the giant swing from Claudio Castagnoli on top of the cage at AEW Blood and Guts. Please support our sponsors! Toyota: Visit to find your perfect Toyota! FanDuel: download the FanDuel app & use promo code JERICHO to get a “No Sweat First Bet” up to $1000 Cynch: download the Cynch app or go and get your first tank exchange for $10 with code JERICHO. Bosch Tools: learn more at SlingTV: check out for special offers STAY CONNECTED: TikTok: @TalkIsJericho Instagram: @talkisjericho @chrisjerichofozzy Twitter: @TalkIsJericho @IAmJericho YouTube:
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