In this not-at-all-boring episode, Tania and Brian explore the psychology of boredom. They answer fascinating questions like, "what is boredom?" "is it good or bad for us?" "how can we become less boredom-prone?" and "what will happen if you leave Brian in a room for 15 minutes with nothing to do?" Share your questions and boredom-busting tips at: Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodcast Facebook: @talkpsych2me Twitter: @talkpsych2me Email: [email protected] Produced by Scarlet Moon...
Published 07/04/21
Tania and Brian are back this week to talk about the psychology of grief and mourning. Brian opens up about his father’s death, we explore the psychology of grief, funeral faux pas, coping with loss, and how to be there for others.    SAMHSA'S free counseling hotline: 800-662-HELP Share your stories, questions, and feedback (and tell us if how you define "list"):  Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodcast Facebook: @talkpsych2me Twitter: @talkpsych2me Email: [email protected] Produced...
Published 05/03/21
Brian's therapist, Dr. Lynn Saladino, joins the show to answer our therapy and mental health questions!
Published 11/15/20
Find out the biggest predictors of relationship failure (and how to fix them).
Published 11/01/20
Become a better teacher, learner, and human by understanding how to use reinforcers and punishers.
Published 10/12/20
What does it mean to be a narcissist - and might you be one?
Published 09/20/20
What motivates you? And how can you be a better motivator for others?
Published 09/13/20
Why does music exist, and how can we use it to feel better, think better, and do better?
Published 09/06/20
How reminiscence and anticipatory joy impact mental health and happiness.
Published 08/29/20
Can we change our feelings by changing our faces?
Published 08/16/20
A short update about shorter episodes to come!
Published 08/10/20
Author Irshad Manji shares her vision for honest diversity, achieved without shaming.
Published 08/09/20
What makes us feel lust? Does it really make us stupid? And how can we feel more of it?
Published 07/12/20
Eating too much causes more illness worldwide than eating too little. Why do we do it, and how can we stop?
Published 06/29/20
Is envy a catalyst for resentment or fuel for social and personal progress? Find out how to make envy work for you.
Published 06/21/20
Is pride the deadliest of the 7 Deadly Sins or is it one of our greatest virtues?
Published 06/15/20
So many of us are feeling weary and on the brink of hopelessness. This week, we talk about the psychology of melancholy - one of the original Eight Deadly Sins. We discuss the benefits of sadness, cultural norms, and how to use our small hope windows...
Published 06/07/20
Get to know your wrath, what causes anger, and how to be angry well.
Published 06/01/20
Is greed good or is it the root of all suffering? What makes someone greedy, and just how greedy are you?
Published 05/25/20
Feeling lazy? Tune in to diagnose yourself as we explore the psychology of the seven deadly sins, starting with sloth.
Published 05/17/20
Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? And how can we become better dreamers?
Published 05/10/20
What do you find disgusting? Why? And how does it impact the way you relate to others?
Published 05/04/20
Learn how to reframe problems and become a skillful problem solver.
Published 04/27/20
Published 04/27/20
What's good about getting older? How can we age well? And what advice should we take from older adults?
Published 04/19/20