The Way Through: Q&A with a real-life therapist!
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Brian's therapist, Dr. Lynn Saladino, joins the show to answer our therapy and mental health questions!
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In this not-at-all-boring episode, Tania and Brian explore the psychology of boredom. They answer fascinating questions like, "what is boredom?" "is it good or bad for us?" "how can we become less boredom-prone?" and "what will happen if you leave Brian in a room for 15 minutes with nothing to...
Published 07/04/21
Tania and Brian are back this week to talk about the psychology of grief and mourning. Brian opens up about his father’s death, we explore the psychology of grief, funeral faux pas, coping with loss, and how to be there for others.    SAMHSA'S free counseling hotline: 800-662-HELP Share your...
Published 05/03/21
Find out the biggest predictors of relationship failure (and how to fix them).
Published 11/01/20