Talking Married Week 7
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A very heavy ending to the dinner party has exposed some seriously raw feelings. This episode is a must-listen in order to get passed your MAFS melancholy. Join Shelly Horton as she has the conversations that need to be had with a whole bunch of experts including John Aiken, Christian Wilkins, MAFS bride Ashley and more. Shelly and Ashely from The Fix recap the hell out of this week's Married At First Sight drama focussing on the advice dates. Will Dean ever change? Deputy Editor of 9 Honey Julia Naughton tells us what it was like to meet Troy. Also, THE QUESTION BOX.......Why did they make it so hard? My feelings hurt. MAFS bride Ashley tells all about her relationship with Troy. Is she really so mean? Fashion enigma Christian Wilkins explains why Tracey's sneaker with skirt ensemble was not such a fashion faux pas. 9Honey's resident bloke, Dan McHugh, is a complete legend. MAFS relationship expert, John Aiken, gives tips on how to deal with a bossy partner. Watch Married At First Sigh on 9Now:
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This week Married At First Sight bride Elizabeth talks to Shelly Horton about how Sam ditched their honeymoon, and she's very candid. 9Honey Editor Jess Chandra chats about the FIRST dinner party. Dial a bloke Dan McHugh gives some seriously macho opinions. And relationship guru John Aiken gives...
Published 02/06/19
The first week of Married At First Sight season 6 was dramatic, there is so much to unpack. Shelly Horton is joined by a crew of MAFS experts for some very insightful and funny, watercooler type conversations, including Jess Chandra, Ben Fordham and John Aiken. This week MAFS bride Jules comes on...
Published 01/30/19
What an amazing finish to the show!!! The MAFS finale was mind blowing and Shelly Horton is here to help you process the drama. As usual she is joined by her crew of MAFS experts, MAFS bride Carly, as well as relationship experts John Aiken and Mel Schilling.     Shelly and A Current...
Published 03/21/18