Talking Points with KPI Ep. 65 Introducing The #kpicrew DPT
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🔥⚾️ Introducing PT Mike into the #kpicrew in this week's podcast. Listen to how the KPI PT will embody KPI's philosophy of individualized rehab fueled by a technological approach ⚾️🔥 #podcast #kpicrew #baseball
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⚾️🔥Talking Points with KPI Ep. #76 Summer vibes are here, and KPI is ready to rock! 🌞💪 Excitement is in the air as we gear up to train athletes and help them reach new heights🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball #podcast
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23
⚾️🔥Whether you're a Little League phenom, college standout, or aspiring MLB star, KPI has got your back! Listen to how KPI's cutting-edge programs cater to pitchers of all levels, providing personalized training, advanced techniques, and industry-leading technology🔥⚾️ #kpicrew #baseball...
Published 05/24/23