⚾️🔥Matt Maxon & Ryan Edwards sit down with Noah to talk about KPI life and how they both have handled the success, and the struggles of their development processes 🔥⚾️ Like & Subscribe to the YouTube Channel @ Kinetic Performance Institute #kpicrew #podcast
Published 12/01/22
🎙⚡️ Dan, Noah, Erik & Curtis sit down to discuss how the 2nd Annual KPI NLI Signing Day went and what it meant for the #kpicrew athletes as well as the #kpicrew staff ⚡️🎙 #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 11/18/22
🎙🔥    This week Noah, Erik, Dan, Chase & Cam sit down to talk about how the #kpicrew pro athletes go about attacking training within the winter months.   🔥🎙   #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #proball
Published 11/10/22
Dan, Erik, Noah, and Chase sit down to talk about how College athletes should handle their Winter season training, with great advice and insight on how to handle this time in your college career #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 11/03/22
Erik, noah, & Dan go over the Myths behind the recruiting scene as well as insight to how should. handle some of the misinformation that is being thrown around.   #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #myths    Like & Subscribe
Published 10/27/22
🚨🔥This week's podcast is going over the recent #kpicrew commits, and their individual stories of success and being able to live out their dream🔥🚨 #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 10/20/22
Dan & Noah sit down to go over the summer strength report. With insight on how well the #kpicrew athletes have been doing within their training.  #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 10/03/22
Take a deep dive into how Justin Sanders (KPI Pitching Director) & Cameron Crone (KPI Pitching Coordinator) saw this past summers #kpicrew pitchers excel in a lot of areas. And also how they see the program progressing into 2023 #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #talkingpoints
Published 09/30/22
Do you want to understand the inner working's of the KPI remote program, Listen to Noah sit down with Cameron Crone pitching coordinator, and head of the Remote Program talk about why it is changing the game for athletes away from the facility   #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 09/22/22
🎙Erik, Noah, Dan & Nick got to sit with Ryan Crotin Vice President of ArmCare.com & Jorden Oseguera Director of high performance. To talk about the epidemic of arm care health and how the new partnership put in place will attack it🎙 #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 09/15/22
Get a deep dive into the KPI hitting system, and how the Hitting Director and his staff have given the #kpicrew a great environment to train.   #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #hitting
Published 09/07/22
Listen and take a deep dive into the baseball journey of. our very now #kpicrew member Wade Mountz, and how he endured through tough times to work hard and become the great baseball player he was meant to be.   #kpicrew #forceinnumbers #podcast
Published 09/01/22
Dan, Chase & Justin sit down to talk about what goes into a session at KPI. as well as what the #KPICREW athletes will be working with in those sessions. If you would like to read more in depth visit kpimh.com.   #KPICREW    Like & Subscribe
Published 05/31/22
🎙✅Dan, Erik, Justin, & Chase sit down to talk about what goes into to the assessment process as well as what it will look like in the near future.✅🎙 Follow us on social media & Like & Subscribe to the Youtube Channel  #KPICREW #podcast #train
Published 05/25/22
In this episode Dan Erik, and Andrew sit down and discuss how the structure of the business works and flows. As well as future plans for KPI and the #KPICREW    Like & Subscribe    #KPICREW #podcast #business
Published 05/18/22
In this episode Dan Erik, & Chase go over the trends that we see within the hitting program at KPI. Also how we see the #KPICREW members trends rise in many different areas.  Like & Subscribe to the Youtube Channel  #KPICREW #baseball #podcast 
Published 05/03/22
This episode Dan & Erick sit down with Justin the pitching director at KPI showing his 2 year pitching review. a review showcasing a case of 12 specific #KPICREW members and their pitching journey.  #KPICREW #baseball #hitting #pitching  Like & Subscribe 
Published 04/27/22
🎙 Back with another talking points. This time in different locations, meeting with our new hire Nick. Make sure to go check out the podcast and Blog about our new #KPICREW member 🎙 Like & Subscribe #KPICREW
Published 04/20/22
🎙 Blog Style Podcast this week featuring Dan and Chase, going over the 2022 strength review that was written by Dan. Visit us at kpimh.com to see more blogs 🎙 🎙 like and subscribe to our YouTube channel 🎙   #KPICREW #podcast #strength
Published 04/12/22
Back again, This time on the hitting side of things. The #KPICREW gets to sit down with Chase our hitting director and Curtis our Hitting Coordinator / Field Director and go over Chase's winter hitting review. if you are interested in getting more info visit kpimh.com and go read the Blog!!!!  #KPICREW #baseball #train
Published 04/05/22
This week's Blog style podcast is on our Winter Pitching Review. This was done by our pitching director Justin Sanders, we go over how the review was set up as well as what qualified to make it into the review. Justin and Cameron our pitching coordinator talk about the future Pitching reviews and how they see them transcending the #KPICREW. Like & Subscribe 
Published 03/29/22
Blog Style podcast this week. showcasing the journey of one of the #KPICREW athletes, not only with their own journey, but their journey inside the facility as well. if you want more info on the topic go to kpimh.com and click under the blog tab to see more!!  #KPICREW #podcast #baseball
Published 03/25/22
Dan and Erik sit down with Chase the hitting director at KPI to talk about CLA (Constraint Led Approach) the benefits of how we see our athletes excel with this training style and give specific examples on how it is used in the facility.   #KPICREW #baseball #training #hitting  Like Comment & Subscribe to be in the loop on the #KPICREW
Published 03/16/22
🎙On this episode of talking points Dan, Erick, Noah sit down with Chase and Andrew to talk about the different beings within athlete development. We showcase how the #KPICREW is able to tackle a lot of these issues within development for athletes at the current time.🎙 #KPICREW #baseball #podcast #training ‼️ Be sure to follow us on all social medias‼️ Instagram: @kpi_baseball @kpi_softball  @kpi_strength Twitter: @kpimh @kpistrength
Published 03/02/22
Blog style podcast that is showcasing how to navigate social media and how you as an athlete, and as a parent should use it to your advantage. Dan and Erik discuss ways that college requirement is used through social media as well.  !! make sure to like and subscribe !! let us know what other topics we should talk about!!! Follow our socials   Instagram: @kpi_baseball @kpi_strength  @kpi_softball  Twitter:  @Kpimh @kpistrength
Published 02/23/22