Q & A With Helen and David: UK Politics and the Union
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The second part of our attempt to answer your questions, this week covering British politics. Helen and David tackle whether Labour can win, what happened to the Lib Dems, where the Greens are heading and what's in store for the Union. Plus, how much is being held together by the Queen and what will happen when she is no longer around? Next week, Trump, and much more. Talking UK Politics…  Our State of the Union Series:  - On Scotland - On Northern Ireland - On Wales - On England From our archives: - Election Fallout (May 2021) - Where is the Opposition? (December 2020) - Labour and Brexit: Beyond the Crisis (May 2020) - What’s the Future for Labour? (January 2020) - Party like it’s 1974 (November 2019) - The Party Splits! (In 1846!) - Who is Jeremy Corbyn? (February 2018) And as ever, recommended reading curated by our friends at the LRB can be found here: lrb.co.uk/talking   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/talkingpolitics.
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David, Helen and Catherine get together for our final episode, to reflect on podcasting through six extraordinary years of politics, and what it means to be ending at the beginning of a war. We talk about the current crisis, how it connects to the crises of the past, and where it might fit in to...
Published 03/03/22
Published 03/03/22
For our penultimate episode, David talks to Helen about her new book Disorder: Hard Times in the Twenty-First Century. It’s a conversation about many of the themes Helen has explored on Talking Politics over the years, from the energy transition to the perils of QE, from the travails of the...
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