Ep 116: Aida Tomescu (uncut)
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Fresh out of Sydney lockdown, the incredible works of Aida Tomescu are showing both in Sydney with Fox Jensen Gallery and in Hong Kong with Flowers Gallery in two outstanding exhibitions. To add to this, in early December 2021, Orange Regional Gallery will be exhibiting what promises to be a blockbuster Tomescu show, looking at the artist's latest large works and how they connect to a group of key paintings and etchings from the past twenty years. Tying in with these shows, I recently came across some footage I’d taken in the lead up to Aida’s 2019 show with Fox Jensen Gallery, ‘The Open Wounds of White Clouds’. Watching the video again, I soon realised there were many timeless gems in that conversation which I had never published, so here is the full exchange. We filmed this conversation in Aida's studio in August 2019, in the midst of many dynamic works lining the walls and with Aida standing in front of the triptych titled ‘Sewn onto the Stones in the Sky’. That work has since been acquired by the Art Gallery of NSW (see below) and Aida talks in this episode about her approach to that work. This episode will also be released as a video on the Talking with Painters YouTube channel with a view to uploading by mid-November. Scroll down to see four previous videos of Aida currently on the channel. To hear the audio podcast conversation click 'play' beneath the above feature photo. Current and upcoming shows * 'A Long Line of Sand', Fox Jensen Gallery, Sydney, current until 30 October 2021* 'In a Carpet Made of Water', Flowers Gallery, Hong Kong, current until * 'Unfolding Presence', Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, opening 3 December, 2021 Useful Links * Aida Tomescu website* Aida Tomescu at Fox Jensen Gallery* Aida Tomescu at Flowers Gallery* Episode 33 Talking with Painters podcast: Aida Tomescu* Episode 65 Talking with Painters podcast: Aida Tomescu on Tony Tuckson* Book tickets for 'The Artist Speaks' series - Art Gallery of NSW Previous YouTube videos https://youtu.be/pbSNWrtdOdY Aida Tomescu - extended interview of episode 33 of the Talking with Painters podcast https://youtu.be/9D7B1W3cH3c Aida Tomescu talks with Maria Stoljar in her studio https://youtu.be/IbhHjZ0YZxI Aida Tomescu's 2019 show 'The Open Wounds of White Clouds' https://youtu.be/BJ8052xpX8c Maria Stoljar talks with Aida Tomescu about the AGNSW exhibition Tuckson: The Abstract Sublime 'Sewn onto the Stones in the Sky'oil on Belgian linen200 x 460cm overallCollection: Art Gallery of NSWPurchased with funds donated by Ken Cole AM and Rowena Danziger AMPhoto: Andrew Jensen 'A Long Line of Sand IV', 2021 oil on Belgian linen200 x 306 cm (diptych)each linen panel 200 x 153cmPhoto courtesy of Fox Je...
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