Tay to Z Episode 160: I Can See You
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In this episode we chat about "I Can See You" from "Speak Now (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)." We talk about what we think about the song and how we could totally relate to when we were in high school. We chat about the amazing music video, and Gossip Gab goes into who this song might be about! Hosts: Devin and Gab Sound Design: Devin Johnson-Nieporent and Peter Leigh-Nilsen Theme Song: Devin Johnson-Nieporent, Peter Leigh-Nilsen, and Eric Johnson Thank you to our Patrons! Ashley Shawn, Jessica Hutter, Cally I, Emily Carter, Hilary Davies, Brittany Perlmuter, Alan Bass, Jessi Sanders, Blue Magnetic Night, Valentina Paredes, Jessica Parham, Dana Meyerson, Ashley Moore, Kendra Roberson, Michael Gage, Suzanne Swierc, Brianne Jones, Jimmy Atwell, Katie Oxman, Franzi Notz, Trystn Daley, Philip Kim, Sierra Fox, Natalie Waller, Grace Stinson, Jacqueline Sandoval, Katie Brown, Brooke Redmond, Michelle Hau, Holly Hosie, Andrew Bauman, Nadine Biersack, Bong Bong, Melissa Paar, Alice Wheeler, Katherine Wheeler, Kailey Kolb, Diana Support the show
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