#3670 And You Don’t Believe In A Bird?
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We joke a lot about “hot takes” on TBTL, but Luke has two very legitimate hot takes today, one of which was inspired by a photo of Henry Winkler. Luke and Andrew also discuss whether it’s time to bring robot umpires into baseball, and Andrew becomes obsessed with tracking down a particularly bad Chevy Chase movie.
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Andrew’s dog-ological clock is ticking again, Luke runs into issues buying a new lawnmower, and the Marsupial Gurgle website is entering a new phase of life.
Published 07/01/22
Bubbles the Cat got up to a lot of trouble in Luke’s studio yesterday, almost completely sabotaging today’s show. Plus, employees at Medieval Times want to unionize, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores may be cutting air conditioning to save money, and AirBNB says “no more parties!”
Published 06/30/22
Published 06/30/22