BONUS: Greg Answers Your Questions
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Greg is back with his producer to answer Twitter questions about the show, the current season, and a whole bunch more. From getting yelled at in the grocery store for his fantasy output, playing through injuries, and drinking margaritas after the Super Bowl loss, Greg leaves it all on the field... the pod... you get it.  Like and subscribe! This episode of TE1 is presented by Chevy Silverado and Visa. For more  podcasts check out  
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To round out the season, Greg talks with Bears Rookie tight end Cole Kmet. They talk about what it’s like to get drafted by your hometown team and why Notre Dame was the right school for him coming out of high school. Afterwards, Greg shares with Cole a little gift to welcome him into the NFL TE1...
Published 09/29/20
Fresh off an off-season workout, George Kittle joins the podcast to talk about his journey to the league's emerging superstar tight end. George reflects on his family’s athleticism, his father coaching of all his teams and how his size impacted his recruiting out of high school. At Iowa, they...
Published 09/22/20
Super Bowl Champion Travis Kelce joins Greg to talk about his career and give a shout out to everyone he’s encountered along the way. From growing up in Cleveland Heights, to running the wildcat at University of Cincinnati, Kelce talks about how his experience as a QB helped shape his transition...
Published 09/15/20