Netflix Tudum Global Fan Event 2022
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Join us as we discuss the amazingness we watched during the Netflix Tudum Global Fan Event 2022!! ~ Pre-event Sneak Peak playing Bridgerton Mad Libs ~ #Polin and #Peneloise question and answer ~ Colin and Eloise fun portraits of each other ~ Thank you Netflix for giving us all access, the swag, and everything else ~ Queen Charlotte (starring India Amarteifio) sneak peek meet-cute with #hotking (Corey Mylchreest) Hosts – Toni Rose  & Wendy Woo Email - [email protected] Follow - Follow – Shop - Subscribe - Website -
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Published 09/25/22
Emmy win! - Outstanding Period and/or Character Hairstyling Bees out and about looking fly especially the Duke of Hastings Spies giving us Season three snaps Netflix Tudum Global Fan Event Saturday, September 24th, 10am PST Who is Eloise’s new friend?  New theory! Season three, episode one...
Published 09/23/22
We got bad news and good theories! There is a fight brewing that Will Mondrich cannot referee.  Shondaland sues the creators of the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical duo for infringement. An unlikely duo fans are speculating for Season three is Eloise and Marina.  Toni thought Eloise’s new best...
Published 08/09/22