Today's episode features an interview the Nick Viall of The Bachelor. He's joining me to dish out dating advice, share his take on setting boundaries and discuss his current relationship/new engagement. I ask about *that* age gap and why he thinks people trust him with breaking news. Together, we answer your 'Ask Alyssa' questions and spill the tea on Vanderpump Rules, the Hailey/Selena drama and more.
Published 03/21/23
If you're listening on Apple, I highly recommend you *WATCH* this episode on Spotify or YouTube, as it's an apartment tour. Thank you to Macy's for sponsoring this podcast and helping me furnish my apartment.  Apartment links:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/publyssity (Amazon storefront)  https://www.shopltk.com/explore/publyssity (Like to Know it)   
Published 03/14/23
Published 03/14/23
I'm #TeamAriana in this house (obvi) and am breaking down all of the #Scandoval drama + discussing Summer House, Victoria Secret and more. I also recap my trip to Costa Rica! 
Published 03/09/23
I had an epiphany and I'm telling you all about it. Then, I'm joined by my Capricorn little brother, Louis Levanti to discuss his coming out story, pop-culture and more. Stick around for the 'Ask Alyssa' segment where I dish out advice and the 'Spill the Tea' segment. I'm discussing OBX season 3, Perfect Match and the Selena Gomez/Hailey Bieber drama. 
Published 02/27/23
I missed you guys! I'm excited to be back on the pod this week to bring you an off-the-cuff interview with Lori K PR, the media guru behind some of Bachelor Nation's biggest stars. I'm also spilling the tea on some of the reality shows I'm watching like The Perfect Match, Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and more. 
Published 02/21/23
I'm spilling the tea on the 2023 Grammy Awards as someone who was there to see it all go down first hand. From Harry Style's performance to Beyonce running late to my love for Lizzo, we're recapping it all. Plus, I'm touching on the Pamela Anderson documentary and the Brittany Furlan documentary. 
Published 02/07/23
Today I'm joined by  Alexa Lemieux from Love is Blind season 3 to discuss her journey to find love (and ultimately get married), life after LIB and more. Then, I spill the tea on celebrity hot-topics such as the Mikayla Nogueira mascara drama, Julia Fox's apartment tour, Jordyn Woods clothing line clap-back and the It Ends with Us cast choice. 
Published 02/02/23
Today I'm joined by Lex Niko to discuss all things pop-culture. 
Published 01/25/23
HNY! I can't believe we reached 100 episodes right in time for the New Year! I'm so excited to sit down and chat with you guys. You'll feel like we're on Facetime during this week's vlog-style episode. I'm getting personal AND sharing tips for creating your own vision board and goal list for 2023. 
Published 01/10/23
What is actually going on with beloved Britney Spears? #FreeBritney Leader, Jared Lips, gives us some insight into those wild internet rumors... And tells us what he believes is actually going on, plus explains why Perez Hiltons fear-inciting reporting could be toxic. I'm also spilling the tea on White Lotus by recapping season 2 and sharing celebrities I think need to make a comeback. As always, your 'Ask Alyssa' questions are answered. 
Published 12/21/22
I’m joined by Tinx to discuss life in the public eye, her new relationship, LA vs. NY and we’re even answering your advice questions. Then we spill the tea about the new Harry and Meghan documentary, Sex life of College Girls and White Lotus.
Published 12/14/22
I'm joined by Alex Michael May, body positivity influencer, to discuss her journey with love. From finding herself in back to back toxic relationships to meeting "the one" - we discuss how she grew, learned to trust herself and rediscovered her self-worth. Alex's words are empowering, thoughtful and inspirational. Any woman (or man), who has found themselves repeating negative patterns will take something from this conversation. It's a beautiful discussion centered around learning to love...
Published 12/08/22
My first LA studio episode! I'm discussing my new (potential) apartment and discussing my Instagram subscribers. Then, I'm joined by Colt Paulsen aka Gay May with a Spray Tan aka THE Kardashian Superfan. We're discussing how he parlayed his fandom into a full blown career. We touch on his new friendship with North, what the Kardashian's look like in person and what's next for him. Then, the episode wraps with your favorite advice segment, Ask Alyssa.
Published 12/01/22
The verdict is in... I'll be living in _____ for the next year or so (listen to find out). Plus, I'm spilling the celeb tea. 
Published 11/22/22
Whether you're a new mom, hope to be a mom one day or have someone in your life who plans to be - this episode is for you. We should all be more open about the 'taboo' topic of postpartum depression and all things that come with being a mom. This week, I'm joined by Cameron Rogers to discuss her highs and lows when it comes to being a first-time mom. Then, I'm catching you up on what I've been getting into in LA. Lastly, I'm spilling the tea on various pop-culture topics like the Selena Gomez...
Published 11/17/22
Today I'm joined by Lo Bosworth to discuss life after Laguna Beach/The Hills. You'll hear what she's been up to following the nearly 10 years post reality TV. I think you may even be surprised to learn she's behind one of the industries leading female wellness brands, Love Wellness. Plus, I'm recapping my move to LA, discussing the dating scene out here, touching on the 'new' celeb weight-loss drug and recapping Love is Blind & Dancing with the Stars.
Published 11/08/22
Today you'll learn the 7 steps it takes to manifest your ideal future ft. author Roxie Nafousi. Then, we're digging into why independent, single women deserve all the props. We're all spilling the tea on your favorite pop-culture moments like the Tell Me Lies finales and Netflix's newest tear jerker, From Scratch. 
Published 11/01/22
Amanda Hirsch aka Not Skinny But Not Fat is back! We're discussing her career - like landing interviews with the Kardashian's and following her passion. Plus, we obv spill the tea on your fav celebs like Harry Styler, Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, Matt James/Tyler Cameron (iykyk) and so many more. 
Published 10/18/22
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Published 10/11/22
89. Reality TV Raised Us (ft. Zachariah Porter)
Published 10/04/22
On this week's episode I'm joined by Ashley Hesseltine from the popular Girls Gotta Eat podcast. We discuss our upcoming moves, dating, swap scandy stories and just get into a whole bunch of girl chat. Then, I spill the tea on your favorite celebrity topics like Adam Levine/Behati Prinsloo, Tristian Thompson and the Super Bowl halftime performer. 
Published 09/27/22
The #TeaTribe's most frequent guest, Kate Norkeliunas is back and this episode does not disappoint. We're talking intrusive thoughts, fish (tuna/tilapia are discussed), our weird sleeping patterns, parasites and our upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic together. Plus, we discuss the shows we're loving (LI), hating (HI) and HIBLI-ing (hate it, but love it).  Publyssity Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/publyssity/ Tea with Publyssity Instagram:...
Published 09/20/22
We are back to regularly scheduled programming! This week's episode is a TWP classic - a mix of funny stories, deep conversation and a little celeb tea. I'm sitting down with Ella Halikas, self-made model and Sports Illustrated baddie. We discuss existing in a curvy body, chasing your dreams and share our own scandies. Then, we dish out advice during the 'Ask Alyssa' segment and I wrap things up by spilling the tea. Tune in to hear why I think Olivia Wilde is getting a bad rap. 
Published 09/13/22
West Coast, best coast? Who knows, but I'll find out soon... Macys.com/ownyourstyle or macys.com/tea
Published 09/08/22