047. How to Press the Reset Button in Your Classroom
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Let’s be honest with ourselves… one of the hardest parts of organization is the upkeep and the maintenance. Eventually, you start letting things slide and your system starts to fall apart. It’s human. But you have to acknowledge this when it happens and press the reset button to get yourself back on track. Today we are going to give you some strategies for pressing the reset button in your classroom, whether you are teaching in-person or virtually
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We’ve got to share some tough love and drop a whole lot of truth in this episode. Over the last couple of episodes we’ve been diving deep into understanding teacher burnout. Our goal is to determine the causes and learn strategies for helping to avoid burnout. In this episode we need to share...
Published 10/21/21
Defining everything with a hard line can be challenging. This is because so much of life is on a sliding scale. How much money we make, the happiness we feel, how tired we are… so if we think of life (of everything really) as this sliding scale, then what is stopping us from recognizing that we...
Published 10/14/21
Every teacher has experienced some level of burnout. The pains, stressors, and overwhelming demands that come with being an educator can take its toll after a period of time; and to help you understand this a little better we want to share some statistics with you: 41.3% of new teachers leave...
Published 10/07/21