094. The Teacher Burnout Sliding Scale
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Defining everything with a hard line can be challenging. This is because so much of life is on a sliding scale. How much money we make, the happiness we feel, how tired we are… so if we think of life (of everything really) as this sliding scale, then what is stopping us from recognizing that we might have all experienced burnout to some degree? In episode 089. Does Balance Really Exist? We discussed how balance is really a sliding scale and this is constantly changing depending on the events happening in your life. So in other words, you have to adjust as you go in order to maintain that sense of balance.  In this episode we share: What causes teacher burnout How our seasons in life can cause burnout  Burnout can come in waves Burnout is going to look different for everyone Be sure to check out our previous episode 093. Our Teacher Burnout Journeys   SUBMIT YOUR TIME SUCKING HURDLE! We want to know what is sucking up all of your time either as a teacher or just a person. Head over to our website and submit your TSH so that you can have a chance to be featured on the podcast! SUBSCRIBE & REVIEW Are you subscribed to our podcast? If you’re not, I want to encourage you to do that today. I don’t want you to miss an episode. Click here to subscribe to iTunes! Now if you’re feeling extra loving, We would be really grateful if you left us a review over on iTunes, too. Those reviews help other people find our podcast and they’re also fun for us to go in and read. Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let us know what your favorite part of the podcast is. Thank you!
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