119. Why smart leaders expect the unexpected from software updates
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Software updates can have weird unintended consequences that the company doesn't even know about. Existing features that worked perfectly can stop working, leading to lost revenues and annoyed customers. Listen to this episode to learn why this happens and how non-technical leaders deal with it when it does. Learning notes from this episode: A developer could write a line of code to affect one outcome, and there could be a completely different unintended outcome that they don’t even know about it. When an app, site or algorithm gets complicated enough, these unintended consequences are more and more likely to happen. To prevent this, make sure that different people test the new version on different devices and browsers. In tech teams, this function is called Quality Assurance. Remember that these unintended consequences are inevitable. The key is to catch them early and correct course. Create a process for your users to quickly tell you if something goes wrong. The beauty of software products is that you can usually get rid of a bug in the system in the next release. The key is to find out about it in the first place. Resources mentioned in this episode: Speak Tech: the top 10 tech concepts for business leaders (FREE GUIDE) The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything by Matthew Ball ----- If you like learning about how tech products and profits get made, you'll like our newsletter. It's funny too. Sign up here. ----- There are 2 ways to apply this work to your goals: For individuals, APPLY FOR A CONSULTATION CALL for Tech For Non-Techies membership. For companies: If you want to increase productivity, innovation and diversity, then your non-technical teams need to learn how to collaborate with the techies.  BOOK A CALL to discuss bespoke training & consulting. We love hearing from our readers and listeners. So if you have questions about the content or working with us, just get in touch on [email protected]   Say hi to Sophia on Twitter and follow her on LinkedIn. Following us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok will make you smarter. 
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