Are Emma Chamberlain’s ‘$10K Instagram DMs’ real?
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Tech & Science Daily podcast examines how the ‘relatable’ 21-year-old Gen Z YouTuber rocketed to fame and fortune. Now, Chamberlain denies knowing anything about a website listing showing a $10,000 charge for a simple Instagram DM thank-you note. ES features journalist Maddy Mussen has the latest. More than one app poses cybersecurity risk, says Irish government - as TikTok preps for US Congress grilling. 'Can ChatGPT make you money for nothing?'. Faraway planet with 10,000-year orbit discovered. Also in this episode: Ferrari tells cyber-hackers: We won’t pay ransomRoad noise really does raise your blood pressureLiver disease and hepatitis evidence in Beethoven’s gene hair sequenceMan reveals ‘snake cat’ ruse that fooled web Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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Published 06/02/23