Esports at the Commonwealth Games
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We meet the gamers vying for unofficial medals that the Commonwealth Games Amazon warehouse workers in the UK protest And we attempt a conversation with Meta's new chatbot Plus as WhatsApp ditches an irksome feature we look at the new do's and don'ts in instant messaging (Picture: Clive Rose/Getty Images)
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Published 09/30/22
The boss of Apple, Tim Cook, tells the BBC there are no good excuses for the persistent gender imbalance in tech. We ask women starting their careers in the sector what needs to change. How the EU is making it easier to sue when AI goes wrong. And our Silicon Valley reporter James Clayton takes a...
Published 09/30/22
This week: Iran suffers internet blackouts and mobile phone outages as protestors mount angry protests against the country's morality police. Will it help stifle dissent? Wikipedia on their competition to find the sound of all human knowledge. And how one man is still going strong in the floppy...
Published 09/23/22