Me and Noah talk about e-schooling , what might happen next year for school, how quarantine has taken a toll on us personally, and other twist and turns in our conversations. Hope you enjoy. 
Published 06/20/20
Me and Noah discus how social distancing has affected us , what we miss the most, and what ever else popped into our weird heads. Hope you guys enjoy.
Published 04/25/20
Published 04/25/20
Hey guys it's Owen and after four months I'm back.
Published 04/15/20
this one kind of sucks
Published 03/02/20
We have news about the podcast and other projects we're working on.
Published 02/09/20
Due to exams and final projects we couldn’t get together to record episode five should come out in early February. Thanks for your patience
Published 01/21/20
In this episode we cover the topic of game addiction, from what it means to if it effects us, we cover everything we thought we should while also welcoming our new host Aidan. 
Published 01/14/20
In this episode we cover how social media has influenced us personally, the podcast, who our favorite creators are, cyber-bullying, and much more. Hope you guys enjoy.  
Published 01/07/20
a round up of some of our favorite parts of this decade. From TV series to favorite memories we hope to bring joy and and wish you guys a happy new year.    
Published 12/31/19
It’s been around a year since we’ve last uploaded an episode. In this one we go over why we stopped, why we decided to start again and our regular lives.
Published 12/26/19
For the first episode we only felt it was right to give you guys an introduction of ourselves. Enjoy!!!
Published 02/05/19