Kenneth Copeland Is An Odd Bird, Jim Bakker Upset People Laugh At Him, And More | Podcast 248
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In this podcast, we’re going to talk about: Pastor and congressman Jason Rapert proudly announcing that he’s a christian nationalist The origins of Kenneth Copeland’s ideology, prosperity gospel - where did it come from? Televangelist Jim Bakker getting upset that he’s being mocked for the many, many scams he runs on his audience We also take voicemails. If you want to leave a voicemail, the number is 1-800-701-8573. Become a youtube member: Email list: Patreon: Twitter: Twitch: Telltale: Telltale Fireside Chat: Telltale Unfiltered: Telltale Reads: TikTok: Discord: PayPal: Teespring: Podcast on iTunes: Podcast on SoundCloud: Voicemail: 1-800-701-8573
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New episodes of my podcast will be uploaded to Owen Morgan's Fireside Chat rather than this podcast, Owen's Fireside Chat. I'm losing all analytics and ratings, so I would appreciate if you would go to the new podcast and rate it. The new one can be found everywhere podcasts can be found today,...
Published 06/10/24
Published 06/10/24
In this podcast… Nick Fuentes is one of the most famous nazis around right now. When his stream came to an end the other night, some… male adult entertainment started playing on his computer. He says he was hacked. Everybody else kind of recognizes the obvious. Let me lay out the facts for you...
Published 05/27/24