Ross Rifles 01: Character Creation
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Over one hundred years ago in October, the Canadian Expeditionary Forces landed in Europe. By 1917 they had command over their own troops and no longer viewed as a colony coming to aid their home country but as it’s own nation. Who were these soldier? In the next hour we’ll create the character we’ll play in this campaign and get to meet the trench busters of Passchendaele in 1917. And along the way we each share a lot of history between each other and learn more about our own origins. Visit Dundas West Games at: Follow Daniel @danielhkwan Follow Patrick @Keenan_Patrick Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors  Music licensed through Epidemic Sound Titlecard images are in the public domain and are edited from these original images: Canadians enjoying a game of cards in a shell hole on Vimy Ridge, April 1917 Canadian troops on their way up the line, December 1917 Canadians making themselves comfortable in a funk hole
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