Zombie World: The Idyllic Life of Huckleberry Farm - Part 4
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Far from Huckleberry Farm in the basement of a former government building the remaining survivors plan a daring escape.  The Prophet and The Visionary mourn the loss of their friend and meet The Guide who will help them find the supplies they need a secure a way home. Hopefully their deaths will not be in vain and Huckleberry Farm can begin to rebuild it's trust in itself. In Zombie World, it's only a matter of time until something else goes wrong...  Follow Velvet @VelvetDuke Follow Justin @MrEcock Terrible Warriors is made possible thanks to Patreon supporters at Patreon.com/terriblewarriors Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors  Music licensed through Epidemic Sound
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It’s too late. It’s too late for the elves to stop it. It’s too late for the caravan to escape it. It’s too late for Bellun. It’s almost too late for Ludo. All they can do now is face the darkness and hope the light still still shine long enough to defeat The Blightborn. Spoiler warning:...
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