Meet the Makers: Grant Howitt
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Before venturing into the world of The Spire we thought it would be a good idea to talk to one of it's creators. Thankfully he agreed to the conversation!  Grant Howitt is the co-creator of Spire, co-owner of Rowan, Rook, and Decard and the mind behind games such as Goblin Quest, Unbound, One Last Job, and Honey Heist! He's also got a writing credit in the Paranoia Reboot that we loved so much last year.  In our conversation he shared with us how the Spire came to be, the ways the community has responded to it, advice for new GMs venturing into Spire for the first time, and at least one detail he may regret having fought to be included in the game (in his defense it probably sounded very funny at the time).  Be sure to follow Grant on twitter at @gshowitt and check out his own Patreon page where he regularly posts new one-page RPGs to enjoy.  And starting next week we return to our Actual-Play format and begin out campaign to journey through and experience The Spire for ourselves.  Terrible Warriors is made possible thanks to Patreon supporters at Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors
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