Spotlight: The Critshow
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Today in a Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight, Justin connects with Rev from The Critshow!  The Critshow has is in their 3rd season of playing Monster of the Week but that wasn't what they had originally intended to do. Days before they had planned to launch their pathfinder actual play podcast they sat down and recorded a dummy session using Monster of the Week as a stand-in game. After recording the tech demo they realized they had stumbled up the real show they wanted to make.  The Critshow has since expanded to include Tales from the Omniverse, a series travelling between multiple words and game rules, and have invited developers of the games they're playing to join them on the show. Currently their working closely with the creator of Rapscallion as they play through a Patreon exclusive campaign called Perilous Tides.  Rev has put a lot of thought into the show he's producing and the intentions behind that show and I'm sure you're going to love listening to The Critshow as much as I have.  You can follow the Critshow on twitter @thecritshow And you can follow Rev himself on twitter @RevDeschain Find out everything you need to know about The Critshow at Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Follow us on Twitter at @dicewarriors and you can support the show by becoming a patron at
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