Session Zero: Nibiru
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Life In A Skyless World Session Zero returns with a dive into the unique world of Nibiru. A colossal space station home to millions of humans and the player characters who have no memory about where they came from. “From The Core We Hail” Nibiru first came onto our radar a few years ago when our friends at Modiphius sent us a press release about a game where your characters have no memories and your character sheet, mostly blank at the start of the game, will be filled in over time as you remember your past. What a neat concept! And when we finally decided to explore this game this series we found out very quickly that this game was much more and very different than what we suspected. Nibiru is home to millions of humans who have lived in this artificial environment for as long as their recorded history. The exact length of time is kept vague but it’s alluded to be in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of years. Nibiru provides all the air, water, food, and gravity that humans need to survive and clustered in and around massive hollow spheres called Vaults they have built their city states each with unique cultures and customs. The further from the core of Nibiru, where the gravity is closest to Earth and the majority of humans live in and live in mostly luxury, the more alien and strange and inhospitable becomes. There are a lot of questions about Nibiru and no answers will be found in the rulebook. To answer them you’ll have to explore Nibiru as a Vagabond. Remember Your Origin Stories The Vagabonds are a strange class of people in Nibiru. They show up in every corner of the station, always without any memory of where they come from. Confused and vulnerable they find a way to survive among the humans who call this strange station home. And then they begin to recall those memories. And sometimes those memories aren’t always… human. Through playing the game you can declare certain dice rolls to be resolved through a flashback. By remembering something about your past you grant your character a permanent boost to a skill and if you remember enough times you can unlock almost supernatural abilities called Revelations. The quest to uncover your memories will also uncover the secrets of Nibiru, which will always be unique to your game group every time. This is an incredible world to explore with a journaling-centric character creation mechanic (The MEMOs system) to help you craft a unique story for your characters. Special Thanks Special thanks to Modiphius Entertainment for sending us a copy of Nibiru back when they were shipping the game and today you can get your own copy now directly from Arukana Media or on DriveThruRPG Today's Terrible Warriors were Justin Ecock and Velvet Duke Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Follow us on Twitter at @dicewarriors and you can support the show by becoming a patron at 
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