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Today in a Terrible Warriors Podcast Spotlight, Justin connects with Zach and James from The Light & Tragic Company to talk about their upcoming launch of the Realms of Peril & Glory podcast. From Audio Drama to Tabletop Adventure Zach Fortais-Gomm and James Barbarossa are no strangers to podcasts having produced the critically acclaimed sci-fi drama The Orphans and their bringing the contacts they’ve made while producing that show to invite some of Britain’s biggest voice acting stars to join them around the table to play RPGs on RPG. An Anthology of Games With A Rotating Cast Of Players Realms of Peril & Glory is not going to be just one setting or one group of players. They’ve already planned out the first three series starting with Zach as GM playing 13th Age, continuing with a D&D 5e setting with James as DM, and later a planned game exploring the world of Nibiru (which we very recently happened to cover in one of our Session Zero episodes). With each new GM or DM running the show the tone and setting and sound of the show will also change so you can expect that Realms of Peril & Glory will be trying out all the different ways people approach the making of actual-play podcasts. On top of all that James is also composing the music on the podcast (and you can hear small samples of his work at 4:47 and 49:51, which he was kind enough to share with us for use in the show). Coming This Fall Normally we like to promote shows you can head out to and listen right now but this was a rare chance to get to talk to two creators as they’re still in the planning stages. They’re hoping to launch Realms of Peril & Glory in the fall of 2021 so be sure to click through to the links at the bottom of these show notes to follow on their development and hopefully we’ll have them back later this year to check in on their progress! Links The best way to to find all the links to the RealmsPod would be to head over to their link tree at And you can follow their other podcast, The Orphans, by visiting or twitter @OrphansAudio If you want to follow Zach you can find him on twitter @zackfg Besides the two samples from James the rest of our music is licensed through Epidemic Sound Follow us on Twitter at @dicewarriors and you can support the show by becoming a patron at
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