Behind The Screen: Betrayal at the House Playing D&D
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We welcome Kimberly Dewing who takes us Behind the Screen of a special game they ran for their on-going D&D gaming group. Wanting to do something special for spooky season, Kimberly only had to look to their shelf of boardgames for inspiration. When the players arrived for their game of D&D they were instead greeted with a candlelit table and a box of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. What followed was a memorable, scary, and novel game of D&D that Kimberly and her group talk about to this day. Take Us Behind The Screen Do you have a tale of tabletop triumph? An excellent campaign you wrote, a memorable character you love, or an event you participated in that you want share with me? Email us at feedback with your story and we might invite you onto the next edition of Behind the Screen. Follow Kimberly on Twitch at Follow us on Twitter @dicewarriors Editing is by Justin Ecock Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound
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