We update our listeners on why we are overdue for publishing a podcast episode and what the future looks like for That Couple Next Door.  In summary, we will be hosting our podcast through Patreon for the next two years, until I finish residency. At that time, we will see about resuming it, but for now, it is the safest way forward for us. Thank you so much for all of your messages and support through the years since we started this podcast.  Without the regular positive listener...
Published 07/17/22
Published 07/17/22
We take the risk of sharing details of our personal life with a coworker and not only does she accept us, she joins us for a rave with LS friends and an orgy afterward. We're joined by Chris & Vanessa, Maverick & Vanessa and new friends and there's a fun story about almost getting caught on Chaturbate by Vanessa & Becky at the end. 
Published 04/29/22
We spend a night in a very sexy AirBnB with new friends, Todd & Bailey! They are friends of friends and came with receipts so we knew we'd hit it off. We had a night (and morning) full of laughs, cookies, DP and impact play. We have a feeling that there's going to be a part II to this story. 
Published 03/15/22
We sit down with Cash & Noelle and discuss the community that they've started in the greater Seattle area to help "non-traditionalists" meet up and have fun. They host meet-and-greets, sporting events, roller skating, dancing and more. Their goal: to facilitate an environment of no-pressure gatherings for couples to find new friends and have fun with old pals. We finish the episode by recalling a fun night out to SuperNova and the after-orgy that followed. 
Published 02/02/22
We went home to visit our families at the end of the summer and took time to head to Boston for a sexy weekend getaway with friends. The DC folks came up to hang out and we met new friends from Boston as well as finally closing the circle with a couple that we'd been wanting to meet for some time, Jared and Lexi, who join us on the podcast to recall the great memories from that trip. Another orgy (or two) in the memory bank and new friendships formed on several fronts.
Published 12/15/21
After more than a year of waiting for the Northern border to open up we finally meet Maverick and Vanessa who join us at Logan and Jade's home for a wild sixsome. The Canadians bring their toys and the hosts combine technology and hospitality to create a very sensual environment. 
Published 10/24/21
We fly from Seattle back to DC to attend Rory's rave-themed birthday party hosted at Chris and Vanessa's home.  What a night!  There were approximately 20 couples and singles that turned out in beautiful outfits decked out in rainbow, neon, glow, fishnet, leather...you name it. The music indoors was pumping out incredible bass drops while people hula hooped and used light up whips or sat in the bass-vest chair.  Walking outside, the vibe changes completely and you're bathed in warm summer air...
Published 09/13/21
We're joined by the beautiful  and charming Paola who was our tour guide in Mexico City. She helps us recall our most recent trip, from adventurous eating (bugs!) to fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant and exploring the city with Nate, Liv, Chris and Vanessa. She also shares her fascinating sexual journey, from being a Catholic nun to an out lesbian.  Finally, it wouldn't be a TCND podcast without a sexy story and she expertly helps us remember an unforgettable night in her sultry accent.
Published 08/12/21
It's the second half of our 2021 Desire Riviera Maya trip and we talk about Liv's birthday, a sun-drenched orgy and villa g******g. New friends, glow night fun and much more.
Published 07/16/21
It's our annual trip to Desire and this time we get to reunite with our DC squad after a year of being separated by COVID. We meet some new friends and get to party with some of our PNW friends as well.  This episode has villa couch sex, double penetration, beach blowjobs and more!
Published 06/17/21
In this episode, Jay & Kay host Rose, a lovely temporary unicorn for a weekend getaway in Seattle.  It's a novel experience for us and features surprises, sleepless nights, blunders and lots of sexy stories. We explore the city together and each other. We think you'll enjoy this episode as we dive headfirst into the retelling of a wild weekend. 
Published 04/19/21
In this episode, we are joined by our friends Amy & Rory where we discuss hothusbanding and their approach to non-monogamy.  We've been friends for years now and have traveled with them to Desire and Temptation and miss them a lot! We really enjoyed our time talking with them and had lots of laughs while listening to their very sexy stories.  We hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us as we dive deep into the world of hothusbanding.   Follow them on Twitter! DrandSexyThing   If...
Published 03/15/21
In this episode, Jay & Kay are guests on Livin' The Suite Life podcast hosted by Tryst and Loq and we are joined by our friends Nate & Liv where we discuss the ins and outs of lifestyle dating sites, profiles and meet-up apps for singles and couples.  We really enjoyed our time with them and had lots of laughs.  We hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us as we dive deep into the world of lifestyle sites and talk about how to put your best foot forward. Check out Livin' The Suite Life...
Published 02/20/21
In this episode, Jay & Kay reconnect by asking each other questions from the 4OURPLAY conversation deck, one of several game packs created by Bella & Jase, hosts of the 4OURPLAY podcast.  We really enjoyed it and ultimately, as advertised, the game worked as foreplay and we ended up in bed together.  We hope you'll enjoy hanging out with us as we dive deep into each other's sexy thoughts.  4OURPLAY.com
Published 01/16/21
In this episode, we share the details of a private birthday party we had with four friends. Hear about our swinger pad, sex in a minivan, sexy nights, and fun days hiking in the surrounding mountains, and fancy evenings that turn into debauchery including a private party bus with a stripper pole.  Shout out to Casual Toys for Kay's birthday gift recommendation!  Use code "redlight" to save on a sexy Christmas stocking purchase.
Published 12/14/20
We tell the story of a very sexy birthday girl who got a stripper pole as a gift, installed by her husband and friends while she was distracted.  We recreate our Love is Art painting and announce our contest winners for the male masturbator giveaway.  
Published 10/15/20
In this episode we mark five years of podcasting and talk about how we've been focusing on keeping things sexy between us during these COVID-19 times.  We reflect on our podcasting and lifestyle journey and answer a related question in Kay's Corner.  We share a sexy story gone awry when friends of ours sent a "Love is Art" painting kit for us to try out.  We end the show with bonus material from 2017 when we were spending time with Nate & Liv in preparation to record the Japanese episodes. 
Published 09/14/20
We discuss hpw our views on friendship have changed since we first entered the lifestyle until now.  There were times when we couldn't imagine being friends with swingers but now, we couldn't imagine it any other way.  In true TCND style, we had to sprinkle in some sexy and decided to share a couple of hot stories from our college days.  
Published 08/16/20
Remember when we could be out in crowds of people and enjoy music together?  It seems like a lifetime ago, but in this episode we recall attending the biggest EDM show we've seen.  FreakNight in Seattle is the largest annual Halloween raver in the PNW and we tell you all about it, and of course, the details of the after party with Will & Michelle. Sexy rave women, collars and leashes, surprise hotel guests and more.
Published 07/16/20
"What is this, a key party?"  That phrase, uttered by a wine bar manager as he came back to our table and seemed confused by the musical chair style seating of our sexy group had us laughing all night long.  We share the story of some new local friends that we met and how one night turned into a sexy bow tie and lingerie event.  Men having Hitachi orgasms, back flips, wall sex, sex chains, Kay's corner and more.  
Published 06/14/20
We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Like you, we are still practicing social distancing and our lifestyle activities have remained at a halt.  We have been doing our best to keep our romance alive with sexy nights alone together and shared chats with friends using teleconferencing.   We hope you'll enjoy some stories from the end of last summer when we first moved out to Washington state. In this episode, we highlight two couples that we met....
Published 05/15/20
We hope that you are all staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Like you, we are practicing strict social distancing and any lifestyle activities have come to a sudden halt.  We have been doing our best to keep our romance alive with sexy nights alone together and shared chats with friends using teleconferencing.  It was exactly two months ago today when we boarded a plane for Cancun and now it seems like a lifetime ago already.   We hope you'll enjoy some stories from the second half...
Published 04/14/20
We leave the PNW to head down to Mexico for 8 days of sunshine and fun while reuniting with our sexy friends from DC. You'll hear about a fabulous fivesome, Kay's dancing, Liv and Rich aroused from the wind and you'll get the inside track to discussions between Jay and Kay as they work their way through some lifestyle conflicts that came up on the trip. Jay, Rory and Nate encounter a Southern Belle at sea on the Boobs Cruise and so much more.
Published 03/14/20
Kay dips her toes in the West Coast single male waters and has mixed experiences. When she finally goes to meet one, she finds that he has misrepresented himself and worse, tries to lock himself in a public bathroom with her while at a restaurant in our home city. That ended quickly and she drove to my work where I was working overnight. We talked through the situation and she looked so beautiful that I just had to take her to a back room and f**k her right there at work.
Published 02/13/20