Paula races the PTO US Open triathlon, dealing with heat, racing without music, training with race shoes, and more!
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This week we start with Paula going over the triathlon she raced in Dallas, then we introduce a new segment called "hot or not", and finally we get to your questions about triathlon! we discuss if it makes sense to use a road bike or a triathlon bike for a specific course, taking "pulls" in a pro race, paying your coach during a hiatus, and more! For the new TTL swim caps and more, head over to
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We recorded this on thanksgiving day, and we are all very thankful for all of you listening to the podcast! This week we spend a huge chunk of time answering bike questions on "Bike Tech with Eric". Lot's of good ones this week. After that we move straight onto more general questions about...
Published 11/25/22
This week, thanks to our subscribers, we have a brand new recording setup for Eric and Paula in Bend! We start out with some fun This or That with TTL, and then move right onto questions. Questions about toenails turning black, swim strokes other than freestyle, split boarding, winter training,...
Published 11/17/22
Published 11/17/22