Top-5 tips for advanced athletes to get faster | TTS Thursday #16
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Top-5 tips for advanced athletes to get faster | TTS Thursday #16 Learn to race (and not just execute a plan) Optimise gear and equipment Explore psychological aspects to performance Increase focus on and commitment to recovery Get a coach, mentor or advisor    LINKS AND RESOURCES: Scientific Triathlon website Coaching Training Plans TTS Thursday Episode Archive Bike fitting, equipment, and triathlon bike training with David Bowden | EP#287 Bike fitting with Phil Burt (former Team Sky) | EP#232 Bike Fitting Q&A with Phil Burt | EP#254 Dan Bigham – aerodynamic testing, equipment, and making your bike fast | EP#229 Physiology, coaching and aerodynamics with Jamie Pringle, PhD | EP#288 Tire pressure, aerodynamics, and smart equipment upgrades with Josh Poertner | EP#235 Aerodynamics, Rolling Resistance, Weight, and Return On Investment with Sebastian Schluricke | EP#90 Sports psychology and applied neuroscience with Simon Marshall, PhD and Lesley Paterson | EP#282 Practical application of sports psychology for triathletes with Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter | EP#108 Mental skills and the psychology of suffering with Carrie Cheadle | EP#97 Sleep – the foundation of health and performance with Dr. Charles Samuels | EP#216 Sleep, recovery, and performance with Shona Halson | EP#52 Athlete Sleep Screening Questionnaire Glycogen metabolism and optimising glycogen resynthesis with Bob Murray, PhD | EP#252 Nutrition for endurance and ultra-endurance athletes with Trent Stellingwerff, PhD | EP#265 Endurance sports nutrition: state of the art in 2019 with prof. John Hawley | EP#181   SPONSORS: ZEN8 - The ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer is a tool for time-crunched triathletes looking to improve swim specific strength and technique. Trusted by BMC PRO Triathlon Team, age-group triathletes, coaches and physios around the world. Visit for 20% off your order.   ROKA - The finest triathlon wetsuits, apparel, equipment, and eyewear on the planet. Trusted by Javier Gómez, Gwen Jorgensen, Flora Duffy, Mario Mola, Lucy Charles and others. Visit for 20% off your order.   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing.    CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at [email protected] or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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