How do track sprint cyclists train, Tokyo Olympics, and W' research findings with Mehdi Kordi, PhD | EP#307
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Mehdi Kordi, PhD, is a track cycling coach (sprinting in particular) working with the Royal Dutch Cycling Federation. In Tokyo, the Dutch track sprinters brought home multiple golds and medals, and Mehdi joins us to discuss how these athletes train to be the fastest on the planet. Also we discuss the physiology of W' and how it relates to neuromuscular function, and other bits and pieces from Mehdi's research.        IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -Mehdi's take on the Olympics in Tokyo and how his team performed -How do track sprint cyclists train? -The relationship between neuromuscular function and W' (anaerobic work capacity)  -The importance of muscle size (rather than neural functions, fiber type etc.) and maximum force capacity on W' -What sort of strength training might be used to improve W'? -Reliability and sensitivity of the Notio Konect aero sensor    SHOWNOTES:   SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE:   SPONSORS: ROKA - Exceptional quality triathlon wetsuits, trisuits, swimskins, goggles, performance sunglasses as well as prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Online vision test for prescription updates and home try-on options available for eyeglasses. Ships from  the US, UK and EU. Trusted by world-leading athletes such as  Lucy Charles-Barclay, Javier Gómez Noya, Flora Duffy, Morgan Pearson, Summer Rappaport and others in triathlon, cycling, speed skating, and many more. Visit for 20% off your order.   ZEN8 - The ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer is a tool for time-crunched triathletes looking to improve swim specific strength and technique. The swim trainer is a perfect complement to your training in the pool. On days when you don’t have time to go to the pool, you can now do a short but effective home-based workout on the trainer. It is inflatable, so doesn’t take up much space, and best of all, it is very affordable. Get 20% off your order at   LINKS AND RESOURCES: Mehdi's Twitter and Research Gate profiles The Relationship Between Neuromuscular Function and the W′ in Elite Cyclists - Kordi et al. 2021 Reliability and Sensitivity of the Notio Konect to quantify Coefficient of Drag Area in Elite Track Cyclists - Kordi et al. 2021 Training talk and Tokyo 2020 with Nate Wilson | EP#303 Olympic gold medal training and preparation with Arild Tveiten | EP#304 Aerodynamic testing in the field with Michael Liberzon | EP#294   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing:   CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at [email protected] or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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