Kona preparation - best practices of top coaches | EP#309
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In this episode, coaches Frank Jakobsen, Val Burke and Ryan Bolton and Björn Kafka each give their perspective and recommendations on how to prepare for and race well in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.    IN THIS EPISODE YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT: -What should you do differently when preparing for Kona compared to a "regular" Ironman or full distance triathlon event?  -What are the most common mistakes athletes make that you should avoid?  -Considerations regarding the course -Considerations regarding the environmental conditions: wind, heat, and humidity -Logistical recommendations, time-zone adjustments, and more   SHOWNOTES: https://scientifictriathlon.com/tts309/   SCIENTIFIC TRIATHLON AND THAT TRIATHLON SHOW WEBPAGE: www.scientifictriathlon.com/podcast/   SPONSORS: Precision Hydration - Want to optimise your performance in hot or humid conditions, avoid cramping, and make sure your hydration is on point? Take PH's free online Sweat Test to get personalised hydration strategy. Also use the Quick Carb Calculator to get fueling recommendations, and book a free one-on-one consultation to refine your hydration and fueling strategy. Use the promo code THATTRIATHLONSHOW15 to get 15% off your first order of PH electrolytes or the Precision Fuel range.   ZEN8 - The ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer is a tool for time-crunched triathletes looking to improve swim specific strength and technique. The swim trainer is a perfect complement to your training in the pool. On days when you don’t have time to go to the pool, you can now do a short but effective home-based workout on the trainer. It is inflatable, so doesn’t take up much space, and best of all, it is very affordable. Get 20% off your order at zen8swimtrainer.com/tts.   LINKS AND RESOURCES: Ryan's (Bolton Endurance) website, Instagram and Twitter Val's website and Instagram Frank Jakobsen – Performance, training and mindset | EP#231 Training, racing, and metabolic testing with Val Burke | EP#290 Ryan Bolton – Olympian and coach of Ben Hoffman and Caroline Rotich | EP#221   RATE AND REVIEW: If you enjoy the show, please help me out by subscribing, rating and reviewing: www.scientifictriathlon.com/rate/   CONTACT: Want to send feedback, questions or just chat? Email me at [email protected] or connect on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
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