Episode 44 Tim McMillan part 2
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Episode 44 arrives for your listening pleasure as Tim & I get right into your listener questions! The black triangle photograph Impact of IG report greater than UAP TF report? NASA's role to play Sam Harris comments & controversies Pentagon reaction to his "Fastwalkers" article And much, much more Check out https://thedebrief.org & follow Tim on twitter @LtTimMcMillan New logo merchandise store for the show available: www.Redbubble.com/people/ufouapamGet in touch with myself on twitter @UFOUAPAM , on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram under "That UFO Podcast", Email: UFOUAPAM@gmail.com and don't forget to subscribe, like and leave a review of the show. Enjoy folks! Keep lookin' up, Andy
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** Quick note my sound is recorded slightly differently from this one, sounds like I am calling in rather than speaking into microphone. Small tech issue, fixed for future** Andy & Dan run through a week where a surprising amount of news stories have sprung up! We talk; James Fox on...
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