Ep. 131 - Cut The Cord - Where My Moms At w/ Christina P
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Christina gets ready for the big winter storm hitting Texas, she shows a cool new service offered by a manicurist to do your baby's nails, and we review a riveting Vice article about a cool new breastfeeding trend in India! Christina reveals a Pazsitzky Effect that she can take classes in things she's interested in learning, like painting... who would have thunk it?! Rob Iler tells Christina about Alpha Con and she is AMPED for it! We get into some mom hacks about post cards, using your kids to ask questions, and drying your clothes. We get into some Pazsitzky Effects about updating contacts in your phone, turning lights on when you can't see, and throwing away things you don't like. We try to problem solve messy bath time, doggy doors, and bad water bottles. We get into the magic of child birth and wrap up with an amazing song we got made about Enny.
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On this week’s episode of WMMA, Christina P discusses Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, what to do when you misgender someone, “Love on the Spectrum,” and takes an Autism test. She also responds to listener submitted Mom Hacks and Pazsitzky Effects.
Published 06/27/22
On this week’s episode of “Where My Moms At?,” Christina P discusses Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship, Kat Von D’s newest tattoo, Twitch streaming, and more! She responds to listener emails and voicemails about reusable water bottles, full-body dryers, wet pajamas, OnlyFans,...
Published 06/20/22