Ep. 136 - Off The Rails - Where My Moms At w/ Christina
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On this week's episode, Mommy Tina and the Booth Boys discuss "drunkorexia," refrigerator coffee tables, thigh tattoos, and the shocking secret ingredient in Doritos. They watch a video of a super pregnant soon-to-be mom, and respond to listener voicemails and emails about sheets with pockets, buying bread you like, kitchen scissors, Bluetooth devices, old water, and more.
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On this week’s episode of WMMA, Christina P discusses Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, what to do when you misgender someone, “Love on the Spectrum,” and takes an Autism test. She also responds to listener submitted Mom Hacks and Pazsitzky Effects.
Published 06/27/22
On this week’s episode of “Where My Moms At?,” Christina P discusses Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationship, Kat Von D’s newest tattoo, Twitch streaming, and more! She responds to listener emails and voicemails about reusable water bottles, full-body dryers, wet pajamas, OnlyFans,...
Published 06/20/22